Benefits Of Using Anavar

Anavar is an anobolic steroid also under the name oxandrolone.  It is one of the more safer and gentler steroids on the market today.  Its uses vary among men and women however but it still holds great benefits for the user overall.

Anavar is a much safer steroid than others on the market.  It has fewer side effects and can be taken safely by men and women.  For men who are looking to gain bulk and muscle mass, this would not be a good choice if they want massive gains because anavar typically assists with developing lean muscle mass.  For women this steroid is ideal for dieting as it does not create water retention and allows you to develop lean muscle tissue while increasing your metabolic rate.

It is recommended that men take a higher dose than women because women are more sensitive to this steroid than men.  While men can generally take between 80mg to 100mg of this steroid and be safe and get the benefits from it, women are recommended to take between 10mg and 20mg and for no longer than 6 weeks at a time.  Men can take anavar for a lengthier period of time during a cycle and this is usually 6 to 8 weeks.

Since women are more sensitive to anavar they should not take more than the recommended dose due to the fact that it can cause virilization and also due to the androgynous factor that comes from steroid use by women.

The main benefit of anavar for women is that it creates lean muscle mass and helps with weight loss goals.  Many women find that this steroid helps during the cutting phase if they are into bodybuilding and gives them an all over firm and toned look.

Since Anavar is one of the more gentler steroids many men find that they must use it at higher doses and for longer periods of time to see any results in mass gains or other athletic enhancements.  Although men use it, it is not the ideal steroid for competitive athletes.

If you are looking to buy anavar, you may find anavar for sale in various places, but you may want to do so legally from an authorized website that sells it.  While many steroids are considered a controlled substance, purchasing them without a prescription would be considered illegal in some countries.  However you can buy anavar legally from some websites without a prescription.

While the cost to buy anavar may be a bit more expensive than other steroids, you may be considering the safety of the anavar steroids compared to other brands.  It may be more expensive to purchase anavar steroids but the benefits you gain from it while remaining safe is a factor to consider.

As with any steroid use, you should make sure that you begin with the smallest dose possible to see how your tolerate it before increasing the dose over time.  For women the dose will be considerably lower than men and also for a much shorter period of time between cycles.